My Gallery

This is the video gallery! I dance to a wide range of music as I am always expanding my vocabulary with this dance. Sometimes I'll dance to slow, medium and fast BPMs depending on how I'm feeling that day or what the playlist looks like. I love to experiment and get out of my comfort zone as you will see below.  

Enjoy the clips!

First we'll get into the faster BPMs and work our way down. Trance music is one of my favorites to get down to.  When you dance, you tell a story every time. I like to make my videos creative and unique, it adds to the production of the edit and makes it appealing to watch. You can always tell when someone took the time and effort to make a sick looking video. 

Techno is next, one of the corner stone genres of Melbourne shuffling in the beginning and still till this day. 

And a little bit of House, funk, indie and much more. I am constantly experimenting with new music. I dance to whatever I feel like and I don't limit myself to how I dance as I am ever evolving.