Hi, I'm Gribbz! 

I'm a Shuffle dancer of 4 years now. Since day one I've never stopped learning and growing to this style of dance, It's become my passion and it's highly addictive!

If you're looking to learn how to Melbourne Shuffle you've come to the right place! I've dedicated all my time to becoming a dancer, specifically a Shuffle dancer.

I've put together an amazing course for beginners and all levels to be able to learn this freestyle dance right from your home! 

The particular style that caught my eye years ago is called Melbourne Shuffle.

It originated in this well known city....Here's a clue, it's the first word of the dance. 

If you guessed Melbourne Australia, you're correct!!

This has become my favorite style and now passion over the years and no matter what I just don't get sick of it.

I just love to dance and it has truly set me free.

You see, I've come to learn that when paired with some of your favorite music, Shuffling creates this perfect synergy with the shuffler and the music. It's something that can be hard or confusing to understand unless you see and try for yourself. So, come see for yourself what all hype is about!