30reasons to work with me

  1. Melbourne Shuffling is my greatest passion, and I love sharing it with the world!

  2. I have a huge vision and that is for Melbourne shuffling to be recognized as an actual dance just like many other popular styles. I will not stop until I achieve my goal. I am an extremely hard worker when it comes to my passions and goals.

  3. I know how to walk the walk and talk the talk. I eat, think, and breathe Melbourne shuffle. It is in my blood.

  4. Everything you see on my Instagram profile (@_gribbz_) unless noted otherwise is all freestyle, as Melbourne Shuffling is a freestyle dance. I have learned to let go and just feel the music. It takes time to do but with proper training, the flow can take you a long way. 

  5. I left my job in May of 2019 to pursue Shuffling and dance professionally. Some might think it is crazy, but I call it destiny. This is my fate and my life, and no one can tell me otherwise. I take this very seriously. My goal is to get as many people shuffling and expressing themselves as possible.

  6. I am an effective communicator who is skilled in giving great directions both in person and virtually.

  7. If you put in the effort to learn and commit to a solid month of growth with me, I can promise you amazing results. What you put in, is what you get back.

  8. I have been consistent with Melbourne shuffling for 4 years. I have not taken a month off since I have started. Rest assured; you are in good hands.

  9. I take my time when working with students. I will never rush a lesson.

  10. I am transparent with everything that I do. If I make a mistake, I will own up to it right away.


  11. I am confident that I can level you up. I have been teaching new shufflers and dancers for over 3        years now, and with each student I teach, I get a fresh perspective every time. This allows me to make improvements as a teacher.

  12. I am extremely honest. I will not beat around the bush. If I see you struggling with a certain move or need help, I will offer my expertise right away.

  13. I am an amazing Shuffler and dancer! I believe in myself. When I watch my videos back, I get a sense of euphoria and nostalgia. I have had many people compliment me and tell me that “You have a style of your own!” which is exactly what Melbourne shuffling is about, being your own unique self on the dance floor! I want to help you feel this about yourself, too.

  14. I have performed at festivals here in Phoenix, Arizona such as Decadance and Full Moon Festival multiple times in front of thousands of people! There is really nothing quite like it!

  15. I genuinely care about people’s progress. It is my duty to help take you to the next level. I’ve been in your shoes - I understand the feeling of wanting to get better.

  16. I am an amazing mentor. Not only am I great at teaching shuffling, but I’ve also had so much life experience in my early 20’s, (I’m 29 now) and life lessons learned in many different fields and lines of work that it has made me incredibly wise and enjoyable to work with (or so I’ve been told).

  17. I own and run my very own Shuffle crew! Cool huh?! You can find the page on Instagram at @Kineticamity

  18. I am a huge fitness and wellness geek. I keep my body in excellent shape. I do not drink, smoke, or eat processed foods. This keeps me in phenomenal shape year-round!

  19. I am no master, but I have come a long way in these 4 years that have flown by so quickly. My dedication and hard work to the craft has led me to where I am now. I am greatly confident in my abilities as a Melbourne Shuffler.

  20. I know the ins and outs of video editing and filming Melbourne shuffle and general dance videos. This is something I love to help people with as well, as it can be difficult in the beginning knowing where to start


  21. I have helped many people edit and choreograph their videos. I can choreograph to just about anything.

  22. Next to being a Melbourne Shuffle instructor, I am also a digital marketer. I have been utilizing Instagram for over a decade now. I know many helpful tricks for optimal posting, making the slightest details (such as cropping the thumbnail of a picture or video) look perfect on your timeline, and color coordinating a profile to look cohesive and representative of your vibe.

  23. I helped reignite a Shuffle and dance scene in Tucson, Arizona by throwing consistent shuffle meetups for a few months until the dancers were able to sustain themselves.

  24. I had the opportunity to teach lessons at the Tempe Vihel Art Center in Tempe, Arizona. It is a big deal to work for the city! I am immensely proud of that.

  25. I have done something not too many people have had the chance to do, and that is traveling to different states and festivals to level up my craft! To be about the culture and the dance, you must experience it for yourself and in person. That is why as I said earlier, I left my job to pursue this more deeply. I have traveled to places sometimes more than once in a year such as “The Golden State,” California, all the way up to New York to learn different styles in order to become a well-rounded shuffler and dancer.

  26. I have never been a good salesman lol but I can guarantee you that I have never put my heart and soul into anything more than something like this. I honestly believe that music and dance are the answer to a lot of our problems.

  27. I am an expert in hyping people up. If I ever see you in a shuffle circle or at a festival going off, you can bet that I will be cheering you on!

  28. If you have read this far, how do you think I am doing? Still need any more convincing?! ;)

  29. I can literally talk about the art of Melbourne Shuffling for hours on end, I never run out of things to say about it. If you ever want to pick my brain about it, just try me sometime :)

  30. Lastly, this dance will change your life if you let it. I have constantly had a fire lit under my butt week after week, month after month, year after year. There is something special about Melbourne shuffling! I just cannot shake it! I know people as young as 5 years old to 55+ years old that have found the amazing benefits that shuffling can accomplish. I know scientists, doctors, lawyers, blue collar, white collar - it does not matter! There is no age limit, discrimination, or limitations to dance; always remember that. 




If  you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at empowermelbourneshuffle@gmail.com


@empowermelbourneshuffle on IG